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20 Day Board & Train

In the four weeks spent at Helping Hounds, your dog will be equipped with several skills to tackle life both in and out of the home. Grooming and handling are just the beginning, your dog will also gain experience meeting a variety of strangers and traveling to a handful of novel locations. With double the amount of time as a 10 Day Board & Train, your dog’s trainer will have time to create some reliable off-leash commands on top of polished on-leash commands. Your dog will become fluent in numerous types of equipment and have a better ability to work in a variety of locations. This program is designed for people that have a dog they want to do more with.


The 20 Day Board & Train includes4 Academy Day Classes, 4 solid weeks of professional training, 6 private Follow Up lessons, 1 year of Group Classes, Lifetime Guarantee and equipment (i.e. leashes & remote trainer)

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