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Puppy Starter     $450

This is a 4-week Private Lesson program which leads to admission into the group classes. This class will cover house manners, unwanted puppy behaviors, begin on-leash training, followed by vet and grooming preparation. 


The Puppy Starter program includes: 4 private lessons, 1 month of group classes, and equipment.

Topics covered:




Rest & Relax/Settle Crate training

House Manners

Threshold Manners

Place Stay

Potty training

Greeting Guests




Jumping up

Leash tug-o-war


Prey Drive

Resource guarding

Basic Obedience

Name response

Sit Stay


Leave it


Vet Visits & Grooming

Body Handling

On Leash

Transitional leash


Loose leash

Neighborhood walk


Puppy Academy Day School        $60 / Day

Punch card    $330 for 6 Days ($55/Day value)


Ages 12 weeks (or after 3 rounds of vaccines) to 24 Weeks

  • 1 small playgroup with selected dogs or puppies

  • 2   1-on-1 sessions based on fundamental learning

Puppy Board & Train


This program is designed for puppies 6 months and younger. Your puppy will stay in the home of a trainer Monday - Friday. They will come to the facility to train during the day, then go home with you on the weekends. Your puppy will be working on socializing in new environments as well as around new dogs and people. Our goals will be creating a consistent schedule for potty training, building polite house manners, and building confidence for the vet and groomer. Your puppy will have the tools to create a solid relationship that will last a lifetime.

This program begins with 4 days of Academy (day training) and a private lesson. Each Friday you will have a small go home lesson with your puppy, this will give you a bit of insight on what we have been working on. Then you will have 3 additional private lessons that will follow the training. Once those have been completed, you will have a 6 month group class membership to continue you and your puppy’s education.


The 10-Day Puppy Board & Train includes: 4 Academy day classes, 2 solid weeks of professional training, 4 private lessons, 6 months of group classes, and equipment.

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