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30 Day Board & Train

Throughout the six weeks your dog spends with a professional trainer at Helping Hounds, it will learn how to be a levelheaded companion both on and off the leash. This program is designed to teach you and your dog how to handle any situation in which you may find yourselves. Within thirty days of training your trainer will have time to begin behavioral rehabilitation, and work with you on how to maintain a stable behavior both in and out of your home. The 30 Day Board & Train program consistently produces dogs that work hard for their owners and have fun doing so. These companions are acclimated to a large number of people, dogs, and places. Your dog will join us on hikes, public outings, and for lunch at dog-friendly places. Having a dog graduate from our 30 Day Board & Train means having a dog that is easy to communicate with as you navigate the world together.


The 30 Day Board & Train includes: 4 Academy Day classes, 6 solid weeks of professional training, 6 private Follow Up lessons, Lifetime Group Classes, Lifetime Guarantee and equipment (i.e. leashes & remote trainer)

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