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$75 / Day

Academy is offered Mon-Fri

For adult dogs who may have struggles with socialization around new people or dogs. This program offers two training sessions a day. Which will focus on exercises that build confidence in learning and strengthening social skills. This is a day school program that couples well with private lessons or group classes.


Academy punch card       $420 / 6 Days ($70/Day value)

Must be scheduled at time of purchase.                                                


Academy Training Categories:

House Manners

Threshold Manners

Place Stay

Potty training

Greeting Guests

On Leash

Transitional leash


Loose leash

Neighborhood walk


Public Outings

Sit Stay


Leave it


Calm in new places


Confidence Building

Overcoming odd fears

Meeting new people


Relative positions

Tug/fetch & Tricks


Having a hard time getting homework done? Let us help! This program offers 2 training sessions a day that focus on exercises covered during private lessons - all while socializing with new training and around other dogs.

The Scholar                                                  $995

4 Private Lessons

8 Academy Days

1 month of Group Classes

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