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$65 / Day

Day School is offered Tues-Thurs

Day School is available to clients who have completed Private

Lessons or Boarding School.

While in school, your dog will be included in all Day Care activities,

plus a training session specific to your needs. Clients may choose from several options including, but not limited to house manners, neighborhood walk, public outings (i.e. park, pet friendly store.), treadmill training, brain games, or something per the client’s request.


Day School punch card       $360 / 6 Days ($60/Day value)

Must be scheduled at time of purchase.                                                  

Day School Training Categories:

House Manners

Threshold Manners

Place Stay

Potty training

Greeting Guests

On Leash

Transitional leash


Loose leash

Neighborhood walk


Public Outings

Sit Stay


Leave it


Calm in new places


Confidence Building

Overcoming odd fears

Meeting new people


Relative positions

Tug/fetch & Tricks

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