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Basic Buddy     $975

This is an 8-week private lesson program which covers general on-leash obedience and house manners. Private lessons meet once a week for an hour, with about an hour of homework each evening.  The Basic Buddy program is a great foundation for you and your dog to begin better leash handling, communication, and public outings.


This program includes: 8 private lessons, 2 weeks of group classes, and equipment.


Topics covered:




Rest & Relax/Settle Crate training

House Manners

Threshold Manners

Place Stay

Potty training

Greeting Guests


Name response

Sit Stay


Leave it

Vet Visits & Grooming

Body Handling

On Leash

Transitional leash


Loose leash

Neighborhood walk


Sublime Canine     $825

Sublime Canine is a 6-week follow up to our on-leash programs. This class is designed for the owner who desires more freedom for their dog, more control and reliability, or needs advanced methods/behavior modification. This class is designed to take both you and your companion’s skills to the next level. If your on-leash foundation is laid down and you desire a dog that can be off leash during hikes, walks, or events while reliably performing every command and coming the moment you call them, then it’s time to sign up to learn remote work!


This program includes: 1 Academy session, 5 private lessons, 2 weeks of group classes, and equipment.


Topics covered:


Reliable Recall

Clear Communication

Enhanced Relationship

Better Bonding

Confidence Building

Overcoming odd fears

Meeting new people


Relative positions

Tug/fetch & Tricks

Public Outings

Sit Stay


Leave it


Calm in new places

In Home Lesson     $300

This is a 2-hour lesson that will take place in your home. Some issues just need to be worked out in the comfort of your home.  The In-Home Lesson is also recommended for more serious problems such as: aggression issues between family members. This is not something to take lightly. By meeting in the home, we can all sit down and work together to identify the best plan of action.

Topics covered: Specific issues identified by the client

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