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*Memberships must be started through private lessons.

*All memberships are per dog, not per handler.


These programs begin with private lessons, this will allow you and your dog to learn the fundamentals of leash handling and house manners. After your private lessons are completed, your membership begins. Group classes are excellent for adding distraction and socialization to your training. These classes make training fun for you and your dog, all while covering house manners, leash handling, confidence building in public, and more through over 30 different topics and training exercises.

Group classes are offered twice a week (Wednesdays and Fridays @ 7:00 pm) in our facility, and public group outings are held monthly (Sundays @ 3:15 pm). Members may attend any or all classes each week.

Silver Membership 


    6 week Membership

  • 4 Private Lessons

  • Training Equipment

Gold Membership 


   4 month Membership

  • 4 Private Lessons

  • Training Equipment

 Platinum Membership 


   8 month Membership

  • 6 Private Lessons

  • Training Equipment

 Seasoned Membership 


    6 Month Membership

  • As many as 72 Group Classes

  • Available as an upgrade

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